On Fire

De Colores Cursillista Brothers and Sisters.

I’m Vince Johnson, the Rector for the 2017 Cursillo Men’s retreat – September 21-24. Our theme this year is “On Fire!”. Our goal is to set you and the candidates on fire for Christ, Cursillo and the Church.

Fifty days after Jesus died and rose from the dead the Apostles and Disciples gathered in Jerusalem. They were hidden in what I imagine was a second story room with a large balcony. They prayed night and day with the windows and doors closed.

They were afraid. They were afraid that what happened to Jesus would happen to them.

Suddenly the windows and doors flew open! A wind blew through the room. A large ball of flame appeared above them. It divided into tongues of fire and each tongue settled right over a disciple. Each disciple became filled with the Holy Spirit and began to exclaim the glories of God.

They were set on fire!

Outside the Jews visiting Jerusalem from all over the world heard the commotion and gathered in front of the balcony. Peter stepped out and proclaimed the Good News of Jesus Christ. 3000 people became Christians that day. Over the next few years the Apostles and Disciples spread over the whole known world and proclaimed the Good News.

They set the world on fire!

This is the mission of Cursillo: to set the world ON FIRE! We set it on fire with each candidate that becomes a new Cursillista. In turn, each new Cursillista goes into the world and sets his corner of it on fire. Each Cursillista then attracts new candidates and the cycle continues.

We set the world on fire!

Are you ON FIRE? Do you want to spread the fire? I am asking each of you, brother and sister Cursillistas, to step out and give the gift of Cursillo, the gift of FIRE. Each of us can do something. Together the Holy Spirit will make our efforts fruitful. Here are some ways you can spread the Cursillo fire:
• Pray daily for the weekend team and Candidates
• Sign up for the prayer wheel for the weekend.
• Ask a friend to go on the weekend. Sign up your friend. Sponsor your friend or find a sponsor for your friend.
• Speak about the weekend to your “Fourth Day Group”. Encourage members of your group to sponsor a friend. Encourage your group to “chip in” for a scholarship.
• Talk the weekend up to all your fellow Cursillistas.
• Go to the website http://www.sacramentocursillo.com/index.php/pre-cursillo to pick up brochures, instructions and applications.
• Spread the word of Cursillo to everyone you know - family, friends, church members, co-workers.

Cursillo is about bringing friends to Christ. About setting the world On Fire! What a gift. What a privilege to be called to this mission - just like the very first Disciples.

Let’s set the World “On Fire!”

De Colores,

Vince Johnson